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Welcome to our Podcast page! Fastpitch Foundations will periodically add new podcasts to this page, so check back frequently.

Our podcast topics will cover a wide variety of subjects. Fundamental mastery, movement pitch concepts, coaching strategy, pitching psychology, health & wellness, and player reviews are just a few of the subjects we will regularly discuss. We will even take member submissions and requests – so feel free to send us your ideas!

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The Podcasts

Podcast 1: Answering Member Questions

Mental Toughness in Games & Arm/Hip Bruises

Rich & Mike get together in this podcast to answer some questions submitted to us by Fastpitch Foundations members. The topics discussed in this 30-minute session are: 1) How to respond after giving up a homerun in a game? 2) What can I do to keep my daughter from getting a bruise on her hip and or arm?

Rich will take us down memory lane, as he discusses some of his experiences during his spectacular playing career. Both Mike and Rich will then end the broadcast with a detailed discussion regarding the arm connecting to the pitcher’s throwing side.