A Foundation is Everything

We aim to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face – not just as teachers – but as thinkers and reflectors. Education foundations are paramount and critical to the development of quality instructors.

In the 5 years we spent developing this website, discussions always circle back to the importance of creating a foundation for EVERY person that comes through our door. Regardless of the level of expertise one enters with, the purpose of this effort is to create a community of like-minded pitching enthusiasts that can forever change this magnificent sport. For this reason, our educational path MUST be a guided path, that we collectively travel together!

To allow people to enter into Fastpitch Foundations in any other way would marginalize the importance of creating a social and technical foundation in our education. We are after life-long learners, not momentary ones.

Every exciting destination that Fastpitch Foundations has in the plans (and there are many!) can only take flight if we operate with this level of integrity!

Like any education, levels are designated (100-500). We will start together in the 100-level (101, 102, etc) and work our way towards mastery.

Each course is designed in the following ways, to accommodate all styles and levels of learning:

Live Bookends

Each course will start and finish with live presentations; allowing for personalized and individualized educational experiences like none other. You will be able to review these live presentations, if unable to attend (via recordings).


In this section, illustrated examples of presentation materials will be available. A closer look into each subject will allow for increased depth of understanding and application opportunity to occur.

Live Assistance

As you make your way through the self-study and start trying stuff out, you will most likely have questions. We will host weekly sessions where you can interact with us in live meetings to ask your questions or share perspective.


After the final live bookend presentation, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your progress and understanding. Short quizzes are provided at the conclusion of each course to emphasize key point understandings.

All courses that have been completed will be available to you for as long as you remain a Fastpitch Foundations member – allowing you to revisit key Foundation concepts at any time and any frequency!