Course Catalog

100-Level Courses (The Foundation Series)

Course 101: Getting Started with Fastpitch Foundations

Reg. Price: $19.95 | Premium Price: FREE

In addition to learning how to navigate our courseware, we’ll cover the most basic concepts here prior to our live presentation coursework. The topics that will be covered are basic, but critical starting points for all. The first section, Absolute Basics, will cover the basic rules, grips and equipment considerations you should make as you start your journey.

In the second section, you’ll learn the basics of recording and reviewing video. Arguably the most useful teaching and learning tool, we’ll give you some practical tips and solutions for conducting your own video review.

In the final course section, we’ll take a look at what educators often describe as a “Whole-Part-Whole” analysis of the pitching motion. It is here you’ll start to have “eyes to see” how to break the pitch into efficient sections – as well as learn some of the key Fastpitch Foundations vocabulary terms.

Course 102: Building a Foundation

Reg. Price: $89.95 | Premium Price: $79.95

Now that you have the framework in place for a great foundation, we will show you how we build the pitching motion from the "ground on up".

In this course, we will introduce the concepts of efficiently getting into a Release Posture as well as some Pitching Circle components.  This is a method introduction, and one of the more critical components for all subsequent skills - as these foundational patterns must be in place prior to learning other concepts.

This also marks the beginning of "Bookend" live presentations.  Our self-study material will be prefaced with live demonstrations to assist you in your learning quest.  After completing the self-study section, a final live presentation will take place.  During this final course presentation, Rich and Mike will make sure you have the opportunity to have your course specific questions answered!

The bookend presentations will be recorded and made available to those who weren't available.

Course 103: Building on a Foundation

Reg. Price: $99.95 | Premium Price: $89.95

Most businesses have a Flagship product, and we feel this is ours. It is here that we will define the process we use in softball pitching skill development. Core company principles and coaching strategies are the focus in this course. We will walk you through the concepts of utilizing regressions in learning as the building block of all progressions you make.

This course will accurately define the most efficient methods of producing consistent results, allowing you to build strategies that work for the individual, allowing you to personalize your instruction.

Having extensively refined our methods of instruction over the last 40 years, we feel that EVERY skill one needs to develop in pitching, can most efficiently be done so utilizing this method.

Course 104: The Four Pillars of Pitching

Reg. Price: $99.95 | Premium Price: $89.95

It is here that Fastpitch Foundations will go into depth on subjects related to Posture, Stability, Circle, and Drive. Not only will you learn the basics of each subject, but much time will be spent helping you better understand and communicate the details of the pitching motion. Topics like Internal Rotation, Brush Trigger, Frontside Resistance, and Whip will be looked at in-depth.

Upon completing this course, you will have a very strong foundation.  You will have eyes to see and ears to hear the things that will separate you from the rest of the coaches out there!

This course content will be very detail-oriented.  We aim to answer every "why?" question you have or may encounter regarding fundamental pitching movements.

200-Level Courses (Advanced Pitching Series)

Course 201: Understanding Ball Movement

Reg. Price: TBD | Premium Price: TBD

Now that you have a Fastpitch Foundation, it's time to learn about movement pitches!  Of all the courses in the 200-series, this will be one you will find yourself returning to regularly.

In this exciting area of instruction, we will initially discuss with you the requisites of ball movement.  No area will be left uncovered.  It is here that we wish to create a standard of excellence that we feel is truly lacking in our magnificent sport.