Fastpitch Foundations is pleased to offer all members an unrivaled softball pitching education program.

Our educational program will help make you the most qualified pitching coach in your area!

All courses will have live bookend presentations by  Fastpitch Foundations.  Our focus here will be on getting you started quickly & simply.  All live presentations will be made available for those unable to attend.

From there, you'll enter our self-study course work.  Here you will find all the details you will need to help you learn the what, why, when, and how's of pitching mastery.

All courses will conclude with another live presentation by our founders, providing you ample opportunity to discuss the answers to questions you may have.

Offering 3 Levels of Softball Pitching Education

100 Level

A Foundation for Softball Pitching Instruction.  Subsequent levels of instruction rely on this foundation.  A requisite for all that follows.

200 Level

Learn to Speed, Spin, & Spot!  Tempting first place to start, but without a 100-level foundation these courses should be postponed.

300 Level

Training modalities, coaching practices, biomechanics, and other high-level disciplines can be found here.


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Attend Live Presentation

All courses start with a live personalized experience.

Self Study Coursework

Here you'll dive deep into the what, why, and how!

Live Course Review

Live review presentation with Q&A.


Fastpitch Foundations is committed to being available to you every step of the way!  Our eLearning Event Center is a place where we will regularly schedule live events for the purposes of support and the development of continuing education.

A Course Support center will feature live times for you to interact with us - so that we may answer course-specific questions.  Each course level (100,200, 300, etc.) will have designated times that our Premium members can interface with us to ensure that they are receiving the support they deserve.

Our Parent Portal will be a place that parents of pitchers can join us to review video together.  The purpose is to help guide you into an efficient practice pattern at home, and provide you with a level of 1-on-1 customization that you deserve.  The portal dates will become available after the live 102 course presentation.

The Player's Portal and Coach's Corners will open once our enrollment numbers and interest generation can support this effort.  Players will be able to interface with one another in a moderated environment as an opportunity for our youngsters to develop role models - and as an opportunity for all to share experiences.

The Coach's Corner will be an area that we will slowly bring up to speed.  Your participation in live events will most certainly catch our attention - and invitations to those that have the hunger for pitching knowledge that mirrors ours, will receive invitations to collaborate.  Additionally, coaching specific questions may require that we interface with you in a more private environment.  Dates and times will be announced as they become available.


Currently under development.  We anticipate that this incredible educational center will be the most popular destination for our Premium Members.  It is here that you will have access to numerous clips, articles, tools, software, and continuing educational pieces.  There are too many features to list in this brief description... but stay tuned, it's coming VERY soon!!!


Coaching Certification is something we feel very passionate about at Fastpitch Foundations.

Numerous businesses now offer certifications that simply require that you complete an online curriculum and pay some sort of one-time or annual dues.

Fastpitch Foundations will consider all alumni that apply for certification, but will not offer this to the general masses.  Those that receive certification will do so through their participation, extensive vetting, and desire to uphold Fastpitch Foundations policies, ethics, and best practices.

With this policy in mind, Coaching Certification is not offered on our initial launch.  Get involved and show us your commitment to growing this magnificent sport We will reach out to you!