Frequently Asked Questions

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Easy.  Simply click this link.

You'll be prompted to enter your email address. Upon clicking the 'submit' button, an email will be sent to you with a password reset link.  Check your email and simply click the link included.

Fastpitch Foundations uses the term “membership” to denote a type of an account.  There are only two account types at this time: Free and Premium.  To create your account, click here.

The Dashboard is a page that you can login and view your courses, course progress, memberships, certificates, achievements, and your general profile information.

Once you have created an account, your dashboard is available here.

Your Dashboard is located on the main menu under the Account section (only when logged in).


Alternatively, just click here.

A link to your profile is located in the main menu, under the "Account" section.

Dashboard – clicking this link will show you what memberships and courses you are enrolled in.

Edit Profile – clicking this link will allow you to update your personal information.

Cancelling a Premium Account (recurring payment):  In the student Dashboard, students can cancel recurring orders to prevent payments.  Simply go to the subscription and cancel the recurring order.

Cancelling an Account:  We have decided to not support this functionality at this time (students won’t have a “cancel account” button).  Cancelling an account removes the ability to “change your mind” at a later date.  Meaning… once an account is cancelled, there is no record of your purchases or user experience.  This cannot be undone.  All content you purchase will be available to you as long as your account exists.

If you’d still like to remove your account, you can submit a contact request for account deletion by clicking here.  We will not burden you further, and upon receiving your request the account will be removed.

All major credit cards – like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express.

At this time, Fastpitch Foundations processes payments through the following payment gateways: Stripe & Paypal.

Fastpitch Foundations does not store your credit card information.  Our payment processors, Stripe and PayPal store your credit card information, as they are the ones that process payments for Fastpitch Foundations.

Therefore, we do NOT have an eWallet.

Once a charge has been captured by the payment processor, the transaction is COMPLETED.  There is no need to update card information on completed transactions.  The next time you purchase an item at Fastpitch Foundations, simply enter the new card information at that time.

If, however, you have a recurring payment plan at Fastpitch Foundations (Premium Account), this is an open transaction.  Meaning, the payment processor you chose, will transact every month - using the credit card information you entered.  This is an ACTIVE transaction.

ACTIVE payment plans are where you can update your credit card information - in the event it expired, was compromised, etc.

Watch the video below, noting the COMPLETED versus ACTIVE orders.  The video shows the steps involved in updating a credit card number for an ACTIVE order.  You can maximize the video and use the pause button for additional clarity.


Fastpitch Foundations has only two “membership” options:

  1. Free Account – you guessed it... free.
  2. Premium Account – $19.95 per month.

For an overview of these visit the Creating Your Account page.

The base cost of a course depends on the quantity and duration of lessons in that course.  These factors determine the Free Member cost.

Premium Members receive a discount on the Free Member cost.

For Premium Members, yes.  These members receive discounts and exclusive content access to all of our educational material.

We recognize the potentially high costs associated with developing athletic ability, and priced all of our content with affordability in mind.

We will occasionally issue vouchers to our Certified Coaches - for distribution to students as incentive and/or reinforcement opportunity.


A voucher is simply a code we issue to grant free access to a course.

At this time, we anticipate giving vouchers to our certified pitching coaches as an additional incentive for their business and students.

Once a voucher is redeemed, the code is no longer active; it can only be redeemed once (by an owner of one account).

An account (Free or Premium) is required to redeem vouchers.  When creating an account, there is a form field available for Voucher entry.

For those with an existing account, simply log-in and click on the ‘Redeem Voucher’ option in your Dashboard Menu drop-down menu.

Or… simply click here.


Think of a Course as a bucket that holds Sections AND Lessons.

Think of a Section as a container of Lessons.  We use these to break learning into manageable/related sections (or pieces).

Lessons are where we place our learning content… like video, audio, text, downloadable documents, quizzes and tests.

Sections and lessons cannot be purchased individually.

These levels can be compared to beginner, intermediate, and advanced level pitching instruction.

As our name suggests, a foundation – or understanding of key fundamentals –  is really required to make the most our of individual courses.

Much time has been spent organizing our content into a learning progression… and we hope you utilize these “levels” as your guide to softball pitching mastery.

The 100 Level series is where we introduce the beginning concepts of key pitching fundamentals.

In the 200 and 300 levels we build on these basic concepts all the way to an advanced level.

Pitching Coach Certification is not initially available.

We hope to build relationships with those of you that have exceptional work ethic - and eventually move into a path that allows us to discuss levels of certification and/or partnerships.

Once you purchase a course, it immediately becomes available in your Student Dashboard (providing payment is approved).

Simply go to your Student Dashboard and view your course under the heading “Courses in Progress”.


Easy.  After completing a course or a lesson, simply click the Mark Complete button found at the bottom of the lesson page.  Your progress will immediately be updated and the course will be completed.


Marking a lesson/course complete does NOT prevent you from going back and reviewing the content as many times as you wish.

We recommend you review previously viewed lessons… in fact, this is one of the main advantages to online learning versus in-person clinics.  We’ve spent years listening to people wishing they could review/rewind topics covered in clinic.

No.  We considered this option, but managing it – from a customer service standpoint – becomes a difficult undertaking.

Instead, we offer courses.

Why?  Say you wanted to learn how to throw a riseball

This discipline cannot be effectively taught in one session.  There are many components to learning this pitch – each of which is equally important as the other.  This requires multiple lessons.

As you cannot learn the riseball in one lesson, there is no reason to go to market delivering false promises.

However, our riseball Course WILL teach you how to throw/teach a riseball through a series of detailed lessons.

At this time, no.

We recognize the inconvenience this may cause for those with limited bandwidth, but we needed to balance this thought against making enough money to continually bring you services.

This website is responsive – or able to be viewed on all devices (PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smart phones) - allowing for you to learn “on the go”, as needed.

At this time, no.

We have chosen not to invest in the distribution requirements necessary to manage burning, packaging, and then shipping one-off videos to individuals… while maintaining an expectation of a high level of customer satisfaction.


Yes, and we hope you all use them.

All courses have been categorized and organized to provide you a recommended learning path. Our recommended order is as follows:

  1. 100-Level Courses
  2. 200-Level Courses
  3. 300-Level Courses
  4. Etc.

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We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our products, or protect our rights.

We don’t store personal information on our servers unless required for the on-going operation of our site.

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Absolutely.  Links to our personal websites are listed below alphabetically.