Pitchers Are Players Too

Defensive Strategies

Pitchers Need to Field Their Positions


Most of the content on our Fastpitch Foundations online academy is focused on pitching mechanics, and safe and efficient best practices. There is so much that goes into the mechanics of pitching a softball that we often forget other important aspects of becoming an elite pitcher. Remember that pitchers are players too.

I like to say that the goal of a pitcher is to “Get ‘Em Out”. If that is true than if we want to become a complete pitcher, we must devote time to becoming an elite defensive pitcher as well. Our job as pitchers does not end when we release the pitch. We must be prepared to field our position, and to contribute to our total team defense.

After the ball is released, pitchers become middle infielders. We must be prepared to field ground balls, bunts, line shots, and infield pop ups. Additionally, we must be able to throw overhand to all bases accurately and with a quick release. Finally, we need to be quick on our feet and be in position to back up bags to prevent overthrows and errant throws.

So, as you work on perfecting your curveball, drop ball, and rise ball, don’t forget to work on your defense as well.

  • Become dependable fielders who play fast and defend the circle
  • Learn to throw to all bases accurately and quickly
  • Learn to charge a bunt and make a quick and accurate throw
  • Perfect the art of backing up bases, and being in the right place at the right time
  • Be a complete player

I believe fielding your position well is just as valuable as having another pitch in your arsenal. Don’t neglect working on this part of your game. Remember Pitchers are Players too.

It’s Time !!