Does Anyone Know It All?

One of our challenges at Fastpitch Foundations is “dealing with doubters”. Most anyone who comes to us for the first time will tend to be quite skeptical about what we are saying in describing this unique skill of pitching Fastpitch. This is very understandable! In fact, we are hoping that no one out there will blindly follow us; but seriously investigate what it is that we are saying with an awareness that none of us know it all!

Typically in my own experiences as a coach, the vast majority of students who come to me for the first time have already experienced a “local expert” where much then needs to be unlearned before an effective skill set can be developed.

So this is a big part of why Fastpitch Foundations came to be...not that we are perfect in all of our answers; but that we are committed to being on the growing edge of what the best in the world are doing out there. Our intention then is to overcome the well-meaning “ignorance” which is still the experience of the masses of girls attempting to learn how to pitch!

An expression that I have used quite often is that “as coaches we tend to be in a hallway of thought without any doors in it”. Fastpitch Foundations has been 4 years in the making...we have explored many doors, not to mention lifetime experiences in the game at the highest levels!

We welcome your questions! It is our hope that with technology like Zoom, website information, and workshops etc., we can have meaningful dialogue and eventual collaboration! Being able to show you what the best in the world are doing in slow motion and stop action video in comparison to ourselves is the highest measure of our credibility as coaches. The key here is to be able to accurately identify what the best are doing rather than being primarily inventors... meaning if I teach you how to pitch a riseball, I didn’t invent it as much as I identified it in an understandable way! (I will show you why it is not like “turning a door knob” like so many coaches say to do for example!)