Pitchers are Players Too

Pitchers Are Players Too Defensive Strategies Pitchers Need to Field Their Positions   Most of the content on our Fastpitch Foundations online academy is focused on pitching mechanics, and safe and efficient best practices. There is so much that goes into the mechanics of pitching a softball that we often forget other important aspects of [...]
Building Trust

Recruiting: Laying the Groundwork

Your Guide Through the Recruiting Process Part 1 The Recruiting Process – Laying the Groundwork The softball recruiting process can be confusing for athletes, coaches, and families alike. The process is very competitive and leaves many families frustrated and unsure how to approach their daughter’s recruiting process. At Fastpitch Foundations we are going to try [...]

Methods of Learning – Lessons From a Black Belt

Methods of Learning - Lessons From a Black Belt Growing up each of my children were involved in various sports, or physical activities. My kids played team sports like volleyball, softball, soccer, baseball, football, and cheerleading. My son however, found a genuine interest in the Martial Arts and starting learning Tae Kwon Do Karate at the [...]